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The PC Lab


The PC lab has 28 stations, with 4 desktop machines arranged in 7 "pod" clusters. The room is also equipped with the following:

  • Ceilng projector
  • Laptop port for projector
  • SmartBoard(TM) digital projector
  • Sony Robotel system
  • Multi-standard VCR
  • Multi-region DVD player
  • Audio cassette listening stations
  • Video viewing stations

Instructors: please consult this page for details on how to reserve this room.

Please see this how-to page for step-by-step instructions on how to make audio and video recordings in this lab.

Equipment in the PC Lab

Photo Item Specification

PC desktop

(28 stations in total)
Dell Optiplex with a 17-inch flat screen monitor. A webcam, a headset, and a cassette deck at each station.
General software:
Windows 7 (OS)
Adobe Reader (PDF reader)
AOL Instant Messenger (IM software)
Audacity 1.26 (Audio editing)
Gimp 2.6 (Graphics editor)
Filezilla 3.3.4 (FTP client)
Internet Explorer (Browser)
iTunes (Multimedia player)
KompoZer (Web authoring)
Microsoft Office 2007: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote (Word processor, etc.)
Mozilla Firefox 3.6 (Browser)
MSN Messenger (IM)
PowerDVD 3.2 (DVD player)
PuTTY 0.6.0 (FTP client)
QuickTime Player (Multimedia player)
RealOne Player (Multimedia player)
Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.3 (CD/DVD burner)
Skype 3.6 (Voice/video calls)
SMART Notebook 10.6 (SMART Board software)
Sound Recorder
Symantec Endpoint protection 11.0 (Anti-virus)
VLC Player (Multimedia player)
Windows Media Player 9.0 (Multimedia player)
Yahoo Messenge (IM)
Instructional/Language software:
ASL Classifier
Hot Potatoes (Authorware for educational puzzles)
LiveMath Maker (Algegra/graphing software)
Praat (Phonetics software)
PureVoice 2.0 (Voice recorder/player)
SMART Notebook 10.6 (SmartBoard software)
Sony Robotel console
Audio cassette listening station

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