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Language Instructors

Reserve our PC or Mac Classroom

You can have your language class take place in our PC or Mac classroom. To reserve either room, please use our fully automated online reservation system available through the schedule page. If you are a new instructor, please register with us first. Also, please see our policies on lab reservation.

Use our Recording Studio or Multimedia Development Station

Language instructors often find themselves in need of producing multimedia instructional materials such as audio recordings and multimedia video files. We provide two media development areas that can be used for such purposes: the recording studio and the multimedia development station. In order to reserve either area, please use our online reservation system. Also, please refer to our policies on reserving these areas.

Check Out our Equipment

Need a Flip camera for your class? A laptop? RHLMC can help. We have an array of digital gadgets and equipment you can check out. Please see the equipment page for details of available equipment. In order to make a reservation, please first consult our checkout equipment policies and use our online reservation system.

Grant for your Technology Needs

Have you been wanting to try out a technology in your classroom, only to discover there is a cost? LMC can help! Administered twice a year, the RHLMC Grant for Technology in Language Teaching supports individual instructor's trial of technologies in their language curriculum, up to $150. The details on the grant itself and application portal are found on this grant page.

Request Service

The LMC provides a duplication service for CDs and audio cassette tapes in those cases where publishers have given permission for the materials to be copied. Typically, multimedia supplements to a language textbook might come with such permission, so students can have copies. We keep the original copies at our center and provide a copying service for your students. In addition, for multimedia files that were created by instructors and students, we provide the following service: CD/DVD burning, data transfer, editing.

Please see our policies on duplication procedures and media service requests. In order to make a service request, please fill out this form (pdf) and bring it to our reception desk. The form is also available at the desk.

Check Out Media

Need materials to show in class? You can check out from our DVD library. There is no online inventory-tracking system; please come to our center to get them in person. Please note that students are not allowed to check movies out of our center; they are, however, allowed to view them in our labs.


Please come to our Technology in Language Teaching (TiLT) forum and learn about exciting technologies you can incorporate in your instruction.


Users are required to observe our center policies. Please read our general policies, our policies on media duplication, and also policies on reservations and requests. Also, please help us keep our lab spaces pleasant for everyone -- we appreciate you reminding your students of our lab use policies.

Quick Action Links

Make reservations online

New user registration form

Service request form (pdf)

How can I Use "..." in my Language Classroom?

Please come to our TiLT Forum and learn about how your fellow language instructors are incorporating new technologies in their classroom.

Grant for Language Instructors

Want to try a new technology in your classroom? LMC can help! Language instructors can apply for the Innovation in Language Teaching Grant. Please see this grant page for details.

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