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Language Learning Games

We are working on building our library of language learning games. Students can check out games for use in the Language Media Center and instructors can check out games for use in their classes.

Games currently available:

Apples to ApplesManzanas con Manzanas

Known as the "Game of Crazy Combinations," Apples to Apples involves players choosing which of their cards best represent random adjectives. This game can be played by 4-8 players or teams. Additionally, the English version is a recent edition with all new cards.

Languages available:
English (description here)
Spanish (Manzanas con Manzanas)

Spanish Bingo

Bingo is a classic, simple game perfect for vocabulary building in small to large groups.

Languages available:
French (2-6 players, description here)
Spanish (3-36 players, description here)

KlooFrench Kloo Cards

Kloo is a game designed specifically for language learning. We have two versions of the game: one played with only cards, and one played with the addition of a game board. Players use the cards to create sentences. The game board editions involve creating sentences and a race to the finish line. 1-4 players. View a description here.

Languages available:
French (Cards, Board)
Spanish (Cards, Board)
Italian (Cards)

BananagramsBananagrams Hebrew Edition

Bananagrams is a word game in which players race to use all their letter tiles to create words. 1-8 players. View a description here.

Languages available:
Spanish (2)

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