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General Policies

  1. Students must present their Pitt ID's in order to use the lab on their own.
  2. Visitors are welcome on a space-available basis. They must present a photo ID.
  3. Students coming in for a class do not need to present their Pitt ID. They must be accompanied by the instructor for the duration of the class.
  4. Absolutely no food, beverages, or beverage containers in plain view will be permitted in the lab.
  5. Duplication Policies and Procedures (Detail below) (Please also see item 8 below.)
  6. Policies for Reservations and Requests (Detail below)
  7. Policies on Research Projects (Detail below)
  8. External Use Policy (Detail below)
  9. The Language Media Center adheres strictly to University of Pittsburgh Policy 10-02-05 on Computer Access and Use.
  10. The Language Media Center adheres strictly to University of Pittsburgh Policy 10-04-01 on Copying Copyrighted Material.

Duplication Policies and Procedures

The Language Media Center will copy CDs or audio cassette tapes in those cases where publishers have given permission for the materials to be copied. For specific information on permissions, please consult the Materials Lists for each language.

1. CDs/DVDs: Only blank CDs that are provided by the Language Media Center will be used to make copies. Students will be charged $1 per blank CD. For instructors, CDs are provided free-of-charge; a nominal charge applies for DVD mdeia.

2. Audio cassette tapes: Students may provide blank audio cassette tapes, or they may purchase blank tapes from the Language Media Center for $1 per tape. If students provide their own tapes, the tapes must be 90 minutes in length.

3. Panther Funds: CDs and blank cassettes must be purchased with Panther Funds, which can be loaded onto any Pitt ID card at the CMC (Cash Management Center) kiosk in the Cathedral of Learning. Additional information about Panther Funds may be found on the Panther Central website.

4. Each student and instructor must fill out a Duplication Request Form, available at the reception desk. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for each request.

Policies for Reservations and Requests

Computer Lab Reservations

Please see this Reservation Policies section.

Reservations for Recording Studio and Multimedia Development Station

Please see this Reservation Policies section.

Reservations for Checkout Equipment

Please see this Reservation Policies section.

Media Services

  1. Requests must be made by the instructor of a course or a language coordinator.
  2. Requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. However, departmental requests will supercede those from individual instructors.
  3. An Instructor Request for Services Form (pdf) must accompany all service requests. Requests may not be made over the telephone.
  4. Minimum times needed for the LMC to process requests are as follows. During peak periods at the beginning and the end of each semester, please allow extra time for projects to be completed.

    Duplicate tapes or CDs: 48 hours
    Make an audio CD after oral testing: 24 hours
    Digitize audio/video files: 3 days per cassette or CD
    (Note: allow extra time if editing is needed)
    Install new software on all computers: 1 month
    Prepare instructional handouts for software: 2 weeks

Storage of Media

  1. Student recording files in the class folder will be kept on the Language Media Center's server for one semester.
  2. Other media will be kept for 60 days, if storage space is available.

Policies on Research Projects

Research projects differ greatly in terms of their needs and software requirements. In order to ensure a successful outcome, it is crucial that project coordinators work closely with the center's management during the preparation stage. The following requirements apply specifically to research projects.

  1. Project approval: All research projects must be approved by the center's director at least 5 weeks in advance. Submit all of your requirements by this time.
  2. Technical assistance: All requests for technical assistance on our part, including software installation, must be submitted to the center's manager at least 4 weeks in advance.
  3. Initial Setup: Immediately following the previous step, an initial setup must be conducted to ensure the feasibility of the experiment to be run in our labs. The research coordinator and the center's manager should work together on this. A draft copy of the experiment script must be provided at this stage. When the initial setup is successful, the center manager will prepare all stations for the experiment.
  4. Testing: After the initial setup, it is the research coordinator's responsibility to test and make sure that the experiments are working correctly on our stations. Please conduct at least two rounds of testing: early testing (up to 1 week before the scheduled experiments) and pre-experiment testing (the day before or the day of the experiment). The center manager and the assistant manager will provide technical assistance in the process; please coordinate with them. Our student workers may provide additional help, pending availability.
Lastly, please consult the lab reservation policies. Because experiments typically have different time requirements on our lab resources than language classes do, a separate set of volume and frequency restrictions apply to research use of the labs.

External Use Policy

1. The Language Media Center's facilities are intended for language instruction and related activities. University-internal groups' use of our space for purposes other than those stated above will be subject to availability. An inter-departmental charge may apply.

2. Use of the Language Media Center by groups external to the University will be subject to availability. In considering such requests, University of Pittsburgh classes have the highest priority. After that, public schools in the Pittsburgh area will be given priority.

3. Requests for reservations by outside groups must be received in writing at least two weeks in advance of the proposed visit, and each request must be signed by the chief administrator of the school. The Request for External Use form must be filled out and submitted.

4. The lab may accommodate no more than one such external visit per month. (Exceptions may be made, subject to availability.)

5. In general, each group should consist of no more than 30 students, and there should be a ratio of one chaperone for each ten students. Group leaders should consult with the director for groups with more than 30 students.

6. Each visit should last for no more than two hours. (Exceptions may be made in the case of testing requirements.)

7. A staff member must always be present when the facilities are used by groups external to the University.

8. There may be a charge of $50 per hour for those requesting the to use the LMC. This charge is payable in advance or on the date of use.

Please Be Respectful!

RHLMC is shared by many students and language classes. Your thoughtfulness and consideration towards other users are greatly appreciated!

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