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Important Reservation Policies

Reservation lead time:

  • Same-day reservations of the labs are possible up to 2 hours ahead of the start time.

  • All reservations can be made up to 120 days ahead of time: instructors are able to plan ahead their lab reservations for the entire semester.

In order to ensure fair sharing of the lab resources, we have the following lab use policies:
  • Minimum occupancy level: Lab reservations must maintain an average of 1/3 occupancy level. The occupancy level is defined against the lab seat capacity (20 total seats in the Mac lab and 28 in the PC lab).
  • Daily maximum: (same-day reservations exempted)
    • 3 hours per CLASS section
    • 6 hours per RESEARCH project
  • Term maximum: (same-day reservations exempted)
    • 24 hours for CLASS section
    • 48 hours for RESEARCH project
  • Biweekly maximum: (effective up to 7 days prior)
    • 4 hours per 2-week interval for CLASS (8 for summer classes)
    • 16 hours per 2-week interval for RESEARCH
  • Maximum consecutive weekly reservation of the same time slot (ex. Mon 1-1:50pm): (effective up to 7 days prior)
    • 2 consecutive weeks
In addition, we have a set of policies regarding research projects. Please read them here.

Make a Reservation

We strongly recommend that you visit our policies page for more details and clarification. If you have read and understood our new policies, please visit our online reservation system here:
>> Click here to enter the reservation system <<

Please note that you must register first in order to use our reservation system. If you are a new user, please register with us by submitting this form.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on this page.

Please also check out the Help page, where you can find FAQ and Reservation Policies.

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