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Student Users

Your Language Class

Your language instructor might schedule your class to be held in a RHLMC classroom. Please check our class schedule. You can also get your class textbook CDs/tapes duplicated at RHLMC, if the publisher permits you to do so. Please refer to our Materials pages for duplication permissions on specific language materials.

Coming in on Your Own

Student user USB key Movies
Independent users are welcome to come in on their own to use our PC and Mac computers. Please check our classroom schedule first to ensure availability; the machines in the lab space are free to use where there is no class scheduled or with a green-colored class (meaning independent users are allowed).

Below are some of the activities you can do at our center:

  • Practice language using our center's resources. We provide language-learning materials such as books, software, web links, and more. Please consult the Materials page on the left for specific materials available for individual languages.
  • Make audio or video recordings of your own speech.
  • Supplement your language class by using our language learning software suite. It is available for eleven languages; please see this page for details.
  • Watch foreign language movies. We have a collection of foreign movies you can watch in our labs. Please see this list to see which movies are available in your favorite foreign language.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who are currently teaching a language course are entitled to the full range of services that are offered to instructors and faculty. Please consult the Instructors page on the left.

In addition, the media development areas, including the Recording Studio and the Multimedia Development Station, are availble for graduate students to use for their language-related research and class projects.


Users are required to observe our center policies. Please read our general policies and also our policies on media duplication.

Why Use RHLMC for Language Learning?

Computers are everywhere in this day and age -- so why come to RHLMC to study language?

Our center is the only classroom facility on Pitt's campus that offers audio and video recording capability. We also offer a host of language learning materials that are not available through other labs.

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